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Important Facts You Should Understand Before Setting Out To Prune A Tree.

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- Every Single Cut Imposed On A Tree; Especially If Not Young, Has The Potential To Change The 

Growth Of The Tree

- Always Plan Ahead! Whether You Are 

A Home Owner, Or A Business Owner, Or An Architect.

- We Must Be Sure To Have A Purpose In Mind Before We Pursue Tree Services, Pruning And Before 

Removal's, Because With A Removal Their Is A Stump Removal As Well.

- Proper Urban Arboriculture Pruning Technique Is Important To The, Toronto Tree Guys Inc.

- Improper Pruning Can Cause Damage! That Last Eternity For The Tree,  


AT Toronto Tree Guys Inc. !

- We Love To Pay Attention To Detail & Learn Our Customers Needs & Goals For The Job! 

- We Believe, Its Very Important! 

- So, Before Picking Up The Pruning Shears ! 

- We Would Like To Remind; Our Fellow Friends Around The World! That; Surprise! Trees 

Do Not Heal The Way People Do!

- When A Tree Is Hurt, It Must Seal Over The Wound & Compartmentalize, The Wound.

- The Tree's Healing Mechanism, Forces The Tree To Contain The Wound Within The Tree Forever.

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