Emergency Tree Removal Service FAQ'S

Emergency Tree & Shrub Removal

  • Most Arborists Strive For 

  • The Preservation Of All Living Things Geared Towards Mother Nature,

  • & As Arborist We Would Usually Never Recommend A Removal As, A First Option! 

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Signs That A Tree May; Be At Risk Of falling Include:


  • Oops! Are Those Dead Branches!

  •  Dead Branches Are Always Dangerous. 

  • If They Fall, They Can Land On Anything, Causing Potential Property Damage Or Injury To Nearby People & Pets.

  •  Dead Branches May Indicate Damage To The Tree

  •  Specifically Root Rot. In This Case, The Tree Tries To Make It's Canopy Smaller With Fewer Branches To Feed

  •  Weakening Its Hold On The Canopy Pieces That Are Less Healthy.

Possible Dead Tree, Warnings


  • Oh No It's Leaning!  

  • If Wind Or Root Damages Shifts A Tree More Than 15 Degrees.

  • It May Not Be Stable Enough To Support Itself. 

  • Make Sure To Check For Any Exposed Roots Or Cracked Soil.

  • However, A Tree That Grows With A Natural Lean Is Generally Safe.

Look Out! Its Important!


  • Missing bark – Cracked Or Missing Bark Is Very Important To Look Out For. The Sounds Of (Crackling) Indicate Structural Weakness In A Tree

  •  Even If The Surrounding Bark May Seem Normal. 

  • Damaged Bark, Is A lot More Likely To Crack At that Location, Of Where The Damage Has Occurred. Causing The Tree To Break

  • . Deep Cracks In The Bark May Be Another Indicator Of Weakness.

  • Forked Branches – Are Strong, Healthy Branches That Grow In To A U Shape.

  • While The Unhealthy Tree Branches Grow In A V Shape.

  •  Forked Shape Branches Are Generally Weaker, & In Strong Winds,  These Branches Are More Likely To Snap Off & Fall. 

  • This Problem Is Easier, To Spot In The Fall Or Winter, When Leaves Have Begun To Fall. 

  • Also Once Spring Starts To Arrive Again ,Folks Start To Prepare And, look For Tree Services, That Offer Tree Removal Service And, A Tree Trimming Service

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  • Damages To Your, Trees Could Possibly Become A Problem If Ignored. 

  • Check Your Trees Regularly To Spot Any Warning  Signs & Avoid Costly Repairs To Your Property. 

  • Contact Us For A Professional Opinion On How To Repair Or Remove Your Trees.

  •  Losing Leaves From Outside In – When A Tree Begins To Shed Leaves From Its Exterior Branches, It Can Be A Sign Of Root Problems.

 Roots Are Meant To Provide Nutrients To The Tree. If The Tree Is Suffering, It May Be Less Capable Of Standing 

& That Is Were Tree Removal Services May Be Suggested, But It Is Very Important To Call For Tree Services To Ask About Tree Trimming. 

So That The Tree Has A Better Chance Of Surviving Year After Year!

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